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Gal Gadot was about to leave the performance for this reason

Although it now seems impossible to imagine any other actress as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot's path to super heroine stardom was not always a sure thing. During a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter podcast, the actress revealed that at some point seriously considered leaving the performance ...


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The decision would come because she had been turned down for a series of roles, including Furious in Mad Max: Fury Road.

"I had so much hope for big, big things, but I was never big enough in name, it was always me and 'the big name.'" I got to a point where I was like, "I do not want to do this to my family. it's not going to work, why push it? 'I was about to leave everything and go back to Israel, "said the former beauty queen.

It was then when Warner Bros. asked him to try a secret role, that of Diana Prince, that is, the Wonder Woman. And that introduced her to the other side of the film business.

AND! Wonder Woman could get an Oscar?

"What I really noticed was that they were very critical and very critical about the way they looked at me." They had a lot to say about the lack of breasts and lack of breasts, everyone said, 'Do you have big breasts?' " , revealed Gal Gadot on the arrival to the personage who took it to the fame

"I never thought this was the most important thing Wonder Woman would have to have, I thought it would be the performance, but if you want to be realistic and if you want to be faithful to the truth, the Amazons had big breasts, the arrow".

While Furious turned out to be Charlize Theron, for those magical Hollywood connections, Patty Jenkins directed Gal at Wonder Woman, and previously directed Monster, the film that gave the South African Oscar.

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