Saturday, 9 September 2017

Hollywood knocks at Adele's door

After canceling several concerts of her last tour, the singer could participate in the new film adaptation of the musical 'Oliver!'

After her last announcement in late June where she said she would not know if she would be touring again, coupled with the cancellation of the last two concerts due to a problem in her vocal chords, Adele's followers feared not to see her idol again the stages. 

And although it is not confirmed that the singer again perform another concert, what can happen is that the fans of the British artist to see on the big screen as Adele could participate in the new film adaptation of the musical Oliver!

"The truth is that it would be a project of great relevance, and that is why the supply is being taken very seriously. She has been saying for several months that she wants to spend more time with her son Angelo and her family, but she is not willing to give up such important roles, "a source close to the artist told The Sun newspaper. directors of the tape to interpret the paper of Nancy.

Adele, 29, is married to Simon Konecki, whom she met in 2011 but did not confirm her romance until 2012. In October of that same year the singer gave birth to her son Angelo, now almost 5 years old. "My relationship is more important than any tour. If my relationship with Simon or Angelo was threatened, I would abandon any tour, "Hello's interpreter at the end of last year told Vanity Fair magazine.

After this, the singer returned to refer to its family when at the beginning of the summer it chose London like destiny for its last concerts. "I did this tour just for you. I wanted the final performances to be in London because I do not know if I'll be touring again and I wanted the last time to go home. Going on tour is something peculiar and I do not fit particularly well because I'm very home and I find much joy in small things, "he said in a letter addressed to all his fans.

This possible farewell was tarnished by the suspension of the last two concerts of the British capital, which the artist had to cancel due to discomfort in her vocal cords. A problem he already suffered in 2011, when he had to cancel other performances of his previous tour to be operated on the throat.

For all that, the change of artistic format could go to benefit the pop star who, on the one hand, would be more time with his family and, on the other, would stop forcing the voice continuously. But this leap into Hollywood of the Grammy-winning multiple Grammy Awards would not be the first. In 2012, she gave voice to Skyfall's soundtrack, the twenty-third movie in the James Bond saga for which she won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2013, and now it seems that the producer wants to re-count her for the next film.

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