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Jaden Smith has a new girlfriend and together they look just adorable Look them up!

The last time we saw Jaden Smith very affectionate with a female, was when he was a boyfriend of the beautiful and controversial Sarah Snyder, with whom he took suggestive photos and ate kisses in the front rows of New York Fashion Week. 

However, that love story came to an end, and after being several months enjoying singleness, Will Smith's eldest son again found a half-orange: Odessa Adlon.

 And so, Jaden Smith demands that you look at him.

This Thursday, Jaden and Odessa took a very important step in the romantic world of Hollywood, and both men were encouraged to walk their first red carpet as a couple.

The tortoises attended the premiere of FX's Better Things together, sporting very risky and youthful styles. While Smith wore a serious black suit with a white button-down shirt, he added a special touch to his look with the help of a red Louis Vuitton cross bag. For his part, Aldon wore a mesh shirt under a shiny black dress with a belt.

 Jaden Smith says a Canadian hotel "altered" his breakfast and then kicked him out.