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Will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt return?

People close to the couple confirmed that the divorce was in limbo and will not continue. In addition, they claim that the actress is still in love and he is committed to quitting alcohol.

That the male sex symbol of the beginning of the 21st century was hooked with the female sexual symbol of the same period ended up concentrating the interest of millions of people, who step by step followed the formation of a family of stars with six children and a fortune that arrived to USD 555 million before taxes.


The romance began with a scandal, as Pitt had a relationship with Jennifer Aniston, when his sudden attraction for Angelina led him to leave everything. In 2005 Aniston quoted "irreconcilable differences" and asked for the divorce to the gallant. Jolie, who had already divorced Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, had officially 'stolen' her husband. Thus unleashed a scandal that shocked the film community and gave infinite material to the tabloids.

With the confession of his love for the world, Brad Pitt agreed to be the father of the children that Angelina had adopted before meeting him during the filming of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The couple spent the next few years traveling by private jets, adding sons and daughters to their multiracial tribe and renting palaces in places where some of the two were filming. However, the alarms began to ignite. There were rumors that the couple no longer shared the same interests and Pitt's affair with the nanny, a French stewardess, singer Selena Gomez and her partner Marion Cotillard.

The marriage fell on a minefield that soon led to confirm the news of the divorce of the century.

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One of the most beloved couples in the showcase experienced her most difficult stumbling. Many say that the straw that broke the glass was the scandal that Brad Pitt armed in the middle of the plane. The actor was questioned by Los Angeles police allegedly for verbally abusing one of his children. Angelina could not stand it.

Press headlines filled the papers. Jolie hired lawyer Lara Wasser, known in the middle as the 'marriage dissolutor', who had already advised her on her second divorce. The lawyer was at the head of the case of Johnny Depp who defended of accusations very similar to those that were endued to Pitt. Among his clients was also Ashton Kutcher, Heidi Klum, Maria Schriver, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, among other stars.

"This saddens me a lot, but now it only matters the welfare of our children. I respectfully ask the press to give them the space they need at this difficult time, "Pitt told People magazine. He remained calm, assured that he would try to make the separation process as fluid as possible and did not want to stand between Angelina and her children. At that moment he assured that he would not give Angelina absolute custody and would not be satisfied with visits.

The actress left at that moment to ask for the divorce with more zeal. And for several months, it became the highest grossing drama in the world. However, today the situation is different.

A source close to Brangelinal told the US Weekly that the separation process "no longer follows." And finished saying that "Angelina is still in love with Brad".

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The actress might consider reconciliation, especially Brad Pitt's alleged commitment to quitting alcohol and that he would do whatever was necessary as long as the drink did not affect his private life any more. "She would be willing to resume the relationship if he proves that what she said is true and that she is committed to caring for her family," said a friend of Angelina.

"Everybody thinks they're going to get back together," says the US Weekly source, who also said that "it's not surprising the announcement that they are canceling it and that they are trying to sort things out."